5 reasons why Mass Effect made the history of videogames, and not only

Mass Effect: Andromeda is the latest videogame from Bioware’s ultra-successful Mass Effect franchise, released on March 21st (23rd for Europe, I still don’t know why). In a future post I will talk about Andromeda in detail (it’s very, very controversial), but now it is finally time to discuss the original trilogy, why I think it changed […]

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Share the Right Story

If I had to choose an alternate title for this post, it would be: Back to The Future. I even have the soundtrack of the classic 80s movie going on in my mind right now! And then I understood why. Because in “Share the Right Story” – training course co-funded by the European programme Erasmus+ – […]

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X-Com, the franchise

This is the story of the videogame franchise that taught me me everything I know about aliens, and space. Ok, not really. But close enough. UFO: Enemy Unknown (known in America as X-COM: UFO Defense to attract fans of 1993’s tv series “The X-Files“) was released in 1994 by MicroProse for DOS and Amiga (ahhh, sweet […]

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Think about your favourite game, of any kind. What is it? When was the last time you played it? Were you alone, or with other people? Did you win? Did you even care, to win? These are common questions related to the topic of “games”. Is it easy for you to answer to them? And why? […]

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