Rogue One, my impressions (no spoilers)

My day-one impressions on the Star Wars spinoff, which is actually a WWII movie. No spoilers (even in comments please).

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Get Storied

It is done! We just concluded “Get Storied” (Storytelling and education), a week long training course co-funded by the European Erasmus+ programme, which took place in our self-managed hostel in Sermugnano. I was very happy to go back to that place, to which I am connected by so many memories, and that is able to create immediately a […]

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The Refusal of the Call

What happens when we are faced with a challenge, a crisis or an invitation to change something from our everyday life? What is our most common reaction to a new situation, or to an important decision to take? The second stage of the Hero’s Journey deals with it. The last time you have been confronted with the […]

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