“Bandersnatch”, Black Mirror broke the border between tv and videogame

And made history. Hugely anticipated, the latest “Black Mirror” episode was released on Netflix on December 28th. A quick search on the internet shows that basically everybody is talking about it. And with reason. Here is what we experienced while watching it (and exploring its many twists for about 2 hours in total), some notes […]

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Death and Rebirth

I know, the title of this post may sound a little exaggerated, maybe even scary. But it describes effectively the stage that comes next in the structure of the Hero’s Journey. Let’s try to remember all that happened so far: a Challenge has been set (and initially, naturally, Rejected); a Journey started; Teaching happened all […]

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The Journey Back Home

After the Reward, the mission might seem complete. The enemy has been defeated, the treasure is taken, the (prince / princess / frog) has been kissed. The Journey is over. But is it really? Hell, no of course! It’s time to go back home. And that is true for two reasons: first, all the experience and the […]

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The Reward

It is done! We faced our deepest fear, entered the Cave, killed the dragon. We didn’t even think it was possible but – here we are. We almost cannot believe it ourselves, but we did it! While we catch our breath and review the experience, we take a moment to consider all the steps that […]

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