2 Videogames that can educate on Climate Change

A short review of “Civilization VI: Gathering Storm” and “Fate of the World”, games that have climate change at their core and provide some interesting learning experiences on the topic.

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Meeting the Mentor

Odysseus, the reluctant hero, is about to leave for the War of Troy. He knows the war will not be an easy one: dangerous, uncertain, long. His heart is heavy: he is leaving behind his beloved island Ithaca and his family, his wife Penelope and his newborn son Telemachus. He is especially worried about the […]

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The Hero’s Journey

I decided to open the blog with an extensive article and resources on the “Hero’s Journey“, or the “Monomyth”. I guess this will be updated regularly with more links and information, so it’s not a bad idea to check it again from time to time. It’s maybe the topic that passionates me most at the […]

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