How to support my work? Patreon and Paypal

Time for a little personal request.

I have been writing this blog since 2015. It started as a hobby, and it gradually became an important part of what I do.

I love writing, and I write long-form. It means fewer clicks, but in my case, it doesn’t matter.

I want to put quality over quantity. There are a lot of clickbait sites out there, quick lists and clever titles that manipulate angry feelings to attract traffic. No offence, this is not what I do.

The only problem – quality takes time.

Each detailed post takes me easily one full day of work. Research, first draft, selecting the pictures, writing the final form, curating the links. All in English (my second language), because I want to reach a wider audience.

So, after a lot of consideration, I decided to invite support by opening my Patreon page and setting up a Paypal for donations.

Why not?

If you like some of my articlesstories or resources, you find them useful, or just entertaining – express your support by inviting me for a (metaphorical) cup of coffee or a lunch. Creatives need to eat, too :)

That’s all it takes. And it will mean the world to me!

I have an average of 3-400 readers a day. That’s nice. If 5 of them decide to offer me a coffee each day, this will become a nice part-time activity for me, and it will be easier to justify (to myself and others) why I do it.

This will keep my motivation running and give me more inspiration to do more, faster, better.

So what do you think? Do you want to be my White Stag?

Here are the links!