A day in Dubrovnik, or how we visited King’s Landing but didn’t lose our heads

Got the pun? “Lose the head” as in “get crazy”, but also as “get beheaded”. As Ned Stark in “Game of Thrones”! Do you get it now? Eh? Eh? I think it’s a really good one. I thought about this title for almost a week. Because titles, you know, are e-very-thing if you want to […]

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Star Wars Identities

The Star Wars Day (“May the Fourth”) approaching, I wanted to celebrate it in some special way. So, while in London, I had the opportunity to visit Star Wars Identities. I went expecting “just another Star Wars thing” – which would already be great, of course, given my love for the saga. But it was […]

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Dead Sea – Jerusalem – Ramallah

Here is a short photo-reportage of a trip I made in May 2016. I had the opportunity to attend SALTO’s Tool Fair (an Italian-Israeli conference on non formal education), which was a great experience, and I joined it with two days of sightseeing on my own. It has been an intense journey, rich of encounters, reflection and stories. […]

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Chatuchak Market – Bangkok

When you travel through Asia you realise one thing: Asia is a big place. And full of people. What happens when a place is crowded, even for Asian standards? You have Bangkok  (with its 16 million people) and its weekend-only Chatuchak Market. Also called JJ Market (a translitteration from Chatu-Chak), it is the biggest marketplace in […]

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Insight 2014 – Tanzania

This is a short summary of what happened in the summer 2014, when I went to Tanzania to take part to “Insight”, a fantastic project organised by the Irish friends at Development Perspectives with Uvikiuta in Tanzania. Insight is a year-long learning programme on Global Education that takes part in Ireland and Tanzania. It involves students (no real […]

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