(online workshops) Carmine Rodi presents 2021

I am back in 2021 with this special series of events, where experienced international experts create learning opportunities in various very interesting topics.I am especially proud of this program, it’s like the “Avengers” of experiential learning!

Each guest trainer will deliver a high-quality thematic workshop to explore a specific aspect of storytelling – with a strong emphasis on live interaction and hands-on experience. We don’t do long lectures. We are not talking heads, guaranteed.

Limited places (up to 16 people) in each room to favor direct interaction and active participation.Average duration 2 hours.

Apply here and specify for which event(s) you are applying.http://tiny.cc/carminepresents

The price is 19 euros for each specific workshop (with exceptions).
After registering you will receive the information to deposit the fees.

I am activating a SPECIAL OFFER: for people who buy 3 workshops, a fourth one is completely FREE, on the house!


19th March h 16.00
Ecopsychology – Path to Resilience with Lorenzo Nava

Resilience has become a very fashionable word since the beginning of the pandemic, many talk about it, and just as many don’t fully grasp what it means. During this workshop we will offer a the Positive Psychology approach to resilience along with ecopsychological tools that will support building resilience within ourselves and others in a single move.

23rd March h 20.30
Deeper in the Hero’s Journey with Carmine Rodi

Practice critical story analysis through a movie breakdown understanding how to use this tool with groups and for personal development; and delve deeper into the 12 basic Jungian archetypes to understand their connections with the Monomyth and their power in storytelling.

30th March + 13th April h 20.00
Live Role-Playing Games with Mafalda Morganti

An introduction in 2 sessions on how to engage in immersive and collaborative storytelling processes through LARPs (and their digital cousins LAOGs – Live Action Online Games). Participants will get to experience an online live-action gaming session first hand, while exploring the elements and dynamics that can turn these events into powerful transformative storytelling experiences.
(special price: 29 euros for the 2 sessions)

starting on April 11/18/25/ May 2nd
h 16.30
This Online Workshop is a Joke with Carmine Rodi and Sean Riordain

We are offering a FULL ONLINE VERSION of our workshop not only for aspiring comedians – who should definitely consider it – but for anyone who wants to understand and apply humor effectively to better engage their audiences in professional and personal life.
Actors and writers? This is for you! Teachers and trainers? Absolutely! Managers? Definitely! Salespeople? Come on down! Event hosts or frequent public speakers? This is the right place!
This is a workshop that can greatly benefit a broad range of people through interactively and practically teaching how to understand and effectively apply humor.
(external link and different pricing – check the original event)

19th April h 16.00
Learning Languages through Stories with Lucie Prisovska

We use languages to tell stories, to express our thoughts and feelings and to pass the meaning, the beauty through a written or spoken text. However, you can find a story in the language itself.
In the workshop, we will find another way to approach learning a language. Forget
boring exercises and meaningless textbooks. Let’s explore languages using improv games, movement, sounds and create our own personal stories.

21st April h 20.30
Learning in the Cyberspace with Carmine Rodi

Nobody expected the sudden acceleration that COVID-19 brought to our lives. We spend more and more time online and especially in the field of education and learning it seems that “digital is the new normal”.
And it’s bad! Except… is it?
I have been running digital workshops, webinars and even comedy shows since April 2020 and I am here to tell the story. I will share tools, my easy-to-use platforms and a LOT of tips from my experience.
Useful for anybody who wants to host online events, from education & training to entertainment.

27th April h 16.30
Visual Media with Jan Lai

Visual media is the way!
Through some very basic steps I want to introduce you to some real video editing tips for dummies. Learn how to produce amazing creative short video content without spending big money, big time and big energies in the process! Understand concepts as multitracks editing, audio mixing, layered videos and basic green screen tips. Screencasting, stock video resources, basic titles editing… Raise up your communication skills and try hands-on the cheapest and simplest tools available. The workshop is aimed at real beginners but learning the simple things can be a great motivational to reach new heights!

28th April h 16.30
Drawing and Illustration with Lilla Gősi

Pictures and stories. Or pictures as stories! How can we use colors and lines to create narratives? Which tools can help us tell stories visually? And how? In this interactive, introductory workshop we will unlock creativity, experiment with different drawing techniques and challenge ourselves to understand: how can we apply all this in our life (both personal and professional).

5th May h 20.30
The Art of Moviemaking with Gabriele Tacchi

Movie-making is telling a story with the best technology at your disposal. It’s the best balance between organization and art. We will approach the basis of the visual storytelling, starting from the silent cinema.
We will try to find our point of view and our motivation to use pictures to tell a story.
It’s a strange and hard work to find the correct road…but remember…where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

6th of May h 20.30
Let’s Talk about Science with Michele Marini

In this workshop we will discuss how storytelling can help science to be more engaging, why social media and fake news are not the only problem and why scientists should be more aware of the needs of their audience.
What if the real issue is how we communicate science? What if spreading data and graphs homogeneously is only scary for people? What if scientists start to use stories to get people involved in science?

10th of May h 16.30
Emotional Intelligence in Storytelling with Romy Alexandra Solomon

Join this highly experiential and interactive workshop as we uncover the power of storytelling to support our emotional intelligence development. This session aims to highlight how storytelling methods can be used to foster emotional intelligence skills, namely: self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, and relationship management. These trending topics of EI and storytelling are not commonly combined and leveraged to support one another. This session will turn these topics on their heads with a highly engaging approach. Zero Zoom Fatigue, guaranteed.

11th of May h 20.30
Storytelling in Videogames with Michele Di Paola

a really hands-on workshop where we will create our own stories through videogames. Brief abstract about the content:
– videogames enter narrative universes
– narrative structures in video games and choice driven narratives
– let’s make our own! Experiments with RenPy digital storytelling tool
– (as an asyncronous task) you will make your storytelling games and we will meet later to share them!

19th of May h 16.30
ImproWise your Story with Gergő Kiss

Improvisation prepares and trains people to step into the unknown with confidence as no one really knows what comes next in an improvised play or story. Improvisers are getting prepared for embracing the unexpected without planning and controlling the future. It requires dealing with uncertainty with openness and curiosity, a quick adaptation to new situations, these skills have never been more relevant than nowadays.


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