Follow the Yellow Brick Road – Italy 2017

Ups,  we did it again! “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” is a very successful training course we have realised for the first time in Italy in December 2013, and that since then we have brought (with some variations each time) to Czech Republic and Netherlands. This time, we took it back where it all started: […]

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The Resolution (The End?)

As the end of the year approaches, so does the conclusion of my series on the Hero’s Journey. This post is dedicated to the very reason why all journeys start: to end. We are now at the real conclusion of our story. Anything that could have happened, has happened. Forge new friendships and test them, check. Encounter […]

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road

About “The Wizard of Oz” we have already discussed a little in another post. The movie was released in 1939 and it was truly revolutionary for its times. It had a huge impact on popular culture, originating a stream of sequels, cartoons, tv shows, and references across all media. In 2007, the movie was listed in UNESCO’s […]

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