My Online Storytelling Workshops and “Carmine Rodi presents”

Would you like to learn about storytelling?

I am now offering online workshops and learning opportunities. It’s proving to be effective and interesting, for many reasons:

– It’s an opportunity to meet interesting people overcoming great physical distance, and possibly network. Every evening we meet with 10, 15 people – all from different countries and regions.

– It allows to express creativity and try out something new in a safe space, because let’s face it, we are meeting, but everybody is in the comfort of their own place.

– It can be a place for healing or release some tension, because sharing or receiving stories personal sometimes is all we need, to vent out a bit of steam or to establish a connection with sympathetic minds.

This series of Online Storytelling Workshop covers the basics, it has had already 2 full editions, and we are now quickly filling the third. The class will start on the 14th of May (one evening every week), and this is the calendar:

14th May, h 20 CET – How to create stories? (story structures, theory and tips for creativity, crafting and sharing stories, improv exercises);

21st May, h 20 CET- How to use stories for personal growth (examples of experiences, the Hero’s Journey, the power of sharing and tips on how to lead activities. We will finish with a small circle of stories using The Way of Council);

28th May, h 20 CET Engagement, humor and comedy (create punchlines and deliver them, tips to keep an audience engaged and be confident storytellers, joke writing exercises).

The workshops are designed for a smaller group (12 people max) to involve small group work, plus a lot of exercises and personal interaction.

PRICING: 15 € for 1 workshop and 39 € for the whole series of 3 workshops.

The reviews from the first two editions are coming, and are excellent. These are a couple of examples (such a positive feedback from these wonderful people makes me very proud):

If you want to learn more about my background, I have been active in youthwork, lecturing and training for young people and adults since 2002. I am freelancing since 2011. I am a stand-up comedian and a psychotherapist in training.

Some of my main professional interests are the study of stories and the way they shape society and reality – both offline and online; the use of ceremonies and rites of passage in learning; narratives and counternarratives (including studying and debunking fake news); game-design and the educational impact of games; media & communication.

Right now you are on my blog where I discuss the impact of storytelling on popular culture; this is my professional website; this is my Comedian page.

If you think my workshops can be interesting, register here:

Next, I decided to scale things up a bit, and I will be offering a more advanced series with the funny title “Carmine Rodi presents”. 

It’s a follow-up series of high-quality online workshops, each dedicated to a specific aspect of storytelling with a special guest trainer or lecturer.

The focus of each event will be to learn concrete skills and they will include a lot of practice and exercises. That’s why we offer limited places (up to 15 people) to favor direct interaction and active participation.

Have a look at this fantastic program and stay tuned because more events are being added!

22nd May – Improv for Personal Development with Mafalda Morganti

“Improvisation? Nah, I can’t do it, it’s a comedy thing.” And what if that wasn’t the end of it? Improvisation is a way of communication. A way made of invisible tools which can enhance focused listening, responding, cooperation and specificity, resulting in more honest reactions, response and risk taking… and by encouraging people to take risks, one can learn and discover that it is possible to succeed even with mistakes.
An introduction workshop on applied improv for personal development.

25th May – Free event, Introduction to The Way of Council

“Council” (in short) is a circle where people share stories. It’s focused on empathy and active listening. It’s a practice of personal storytelling, which turns out to be very effective especially while working on topics such as personal development and strengthening of group dynamics.

You will be introduced to the basics to host and introduce Council as a practice in your work, community and personal life. Plus, we will experience a full session together.

27th May – the Monomyth, Advanced Workshop with Carmine Rodi Falanga

This will be a second level to dive deeper in the structure of the “Monomyth”, the story structure ideated by Joseph Campbell. We will not cover the basic facts, so it’s ideal that all participants have already received an introduction to the concept and its main elements.
The group will use a mix of tools like personal reflection, sharing, small group work to complete an ideal “Hero’s Journey”, facing each of its stages and the possible challenges and rewards they offer. We will understand the deeper layers of meaning of each stage of the “Journey”, and will experience the power of a transformative rite of passage, made possible through creating and sharing stories.

5th June – Drawing and Illustration with Lilla Gősi

Pictures and stories. Or better said, pictures as stories! How can we use colors and lines to create narratives? Which tools can help us tell stories visually? And how? In this interactive workshop we will unlock creativity, experiment with different drawing techniques and challenge ourselves to understand: how can we apply all this in our life (both personal and professional)?
For this workshop it is recommended to have papers, markers, pens, pencils, colors with you as we will spend the 2 hours truly creating.

10th June – Digital Storytelling with Michele Di Paola

What if we told you you can design stories where your characters come alive, and their actions and choices affect the unfolding of the story itself?
Digital media can add this kind of experience to nowadays storytelling, and through examples coming from tv series, video games, digital novels and more, we will learn how storytellers today can share part of their power with readers and users of their stories.

17th June – Humor and Stand-up Comedy with Joanna Sio Comedy

Joanna Sio (Joanna Sio Comedy) is an improviser and a stand-up comedian from Hong Kong. She won second place at the 2012 HK International Comedy Competition while she was 9 months’ pregnant. She was part of Singapore’s very first all-female touring comedy troupe, ‘Comedy on Heels’. She has performed live stand-up in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America and in numerous comedy festivals, including the Singapore Comedy Fringe Festival, Manila Improv Festival, Kuala Lumpur International Comedy Festival and Fringe World.
She conducts corporate trainings and stand-up/improvisations/communication skills workshops.

22nd June – Sound and Music in Storytelling with Buzz Bury

How can sound, music and audio enhance and support the storytelling experience? It could be argued behind every great story is a great soundtrack. Audible triggers can stimulate further the imagination and bring stories to life in a different way. Are you ready to embark in audio adventures in storytelling? 

The session will explore how audio stimulates and encourages the listener to use their imagination to picture and visualize what is going on in the story. We continue to then explore the history and roots of musical storytelling and how music can shape the images, emotions and experience of the stories we share. 

23rd June – La Commedia dell’Arte with Federico Moschetti

The main goal of the workshop is to explore the founding thematics of Commedia dell’Arte, the Italian theatrical tradition of centuries XV-XVIII that had a huge influence on European theatre; and, through this, to go deeper towards the understanding of ancient storytelling and traditional performative tales.
During this workshop we’ll identify the historic principles, the concept of “tipi fissi” (the main, recurrent characters in Commedia), the stylized gestures repertoire, the importance of body language and improvisation in the storytelling process of that period. We
will also practice the principles of grotesque gestures and expressions and observe all the traditional masks, made in the same ancient techniques, actually used in performances by the conductor and his troupe. The final focus of this first introduction is to comprehend how to own and adapt to modern times those exceptional techniques, timeless resources for any performative storyteller, possibly leading to a broader study on the subject.

7th July – Visual Media with Jan Lai

Visual media is the way! On the web and in social media a catchy meme works wonders, but we cannot go on forever using cat pictures, can we? Get a 101 crash introduction to the simplest graphic tools for making your communication look more professional, join us in this hands-on workshop to discover the few basic tips you’ll need to be able to use what’s already available. After all, as Pablo Picasso said: “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” But… did he really?

Be ready to explore software such as Canva, Snapseed, Autodraw, SketchBook, Pixlr.

10th July – Mindful Inner Stories with Dora Preszeller

What if I told you, you could create better stories in your mind instead of letting those 60,000 thoughts a day unattended making you overthinking? What if you could integrate the concept of conscious communication in your life resulting in positive self-imagine and better relationships? How about bringing mindfulness to our lives?

During this session we are going to discover our own mind patterns, understand the power of active listening, practice easy relaxation techniques to improve our communication skills and boost positive self-talk to influence our own reality.

21st July – Traditional Storytelling with Maja Bumberak

A story we pass on is much more than just words. It is magic, connection, presence, love, and images coming to life through the act of oral storytelling. What are the tools of creating such magic? And how can this magic be used in powerful and beneficial ways in the world of education?
I invite you to join me on a journey and explore the art of painting images with words, where we will invoke the tradition of Hungarian oral storytelling, In the workshop we will think together, share stories and discuss ideas also in pairs, and I will share stories from Hungarian folklore. Looking forward to seeing you!



And even more great offers are coming! 

The price is 19 euros for each workshop.

Interested? Register here:



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