The most read posts in 2019!

Well, this was fun. Another year of writing has passed, I published 17 posts (1 and 1/2 a month, not bad, I want to increase a little bit more), let’s have a look at what were people reading!

Before we go to the top 10 list, let’s have a look at a couple of runner ups. 

6 reasons for everybody to play Dungeons and Dragons

This one is very dear to me, a post dedicated to an all-time classic role-playing game and the joy it brings when we are playing it. The game is having a fantastic resurgence and is as hot as ever. Give it a try (or any other RPG, really) with your friends or family members, it’s a great alternative to digital entertainment! Also, check the connected story with the interviews to 4 veteran Dungeons Masters who share their secrets to good storytelling.

“Joker” (2019): The Hero’s Journey of a Fallen Angel in 13 stages, explained 

“Joker” particularly impressed me last year, it’s a story that touched cords somewhere deep inside. Here is the full analysis I wrote after re-watching it, and it’s a perfect description of the Fallen Angel origin story. So here it is. I am glad people are finding it interesting,


And now let’s get to the top 10 for 2019!

“Blade Runner 2049”, a perfect replicant with a beating human heart

Oh, I love this one. As time passes, I appreciate this movie even more. This was my first-look impression, and it wasn’t super positive. I was also looking for “plot holes”, one thing I am doing less now because I think it stops me from enjoying a story. After some time, my opinion on that movie has improved a lot because of its atmospheres and its theme that remains as strong as it was. As I wrote, “BR49 is uncompromising and doesn’t even try to win new fans”. And seen from some distance, that is a good thing.

The Earth Walk – environmental education with a powerful storytelling experience

I am so glad people are reading this. I used to write more about educational activities but the interest was not really there. This one is trending, which means its mix of environmental education and storytelling makes for a winning blend. Very happy if more people are inspired to try similar things.

Who is Ugo Fantozzi (and 5 reasons why you should care)

After some years this article is still holding water and it makes me proud. Fantozzi (the character) and Paolo Villaggio (the actor and author) have a very special place in my heart, in my imagination and in the way I understand comedy… and life. I think if you like good stories – and comedy – you shouldn’t miss this. 

“The Jungle Book” – a comparison between the versions (1967-2016)

Glad to see that people are always interested in this! When I write about storytelling classics, the response is high and distributed over time. It’s a perfect story for audiences of all ages and very relevant moral lessons. I am glad people are finding this article relevant.

The 10 stages of the Hero’s Journey in “Back to the Future” (1985)

Ah, another timeless classic. I did a full Hero Journey analysis of Robert Zemeckis’ story and character and I am very happy I did it. The story and some of its tropes didn’t age so well, but the plot works as a perfect mechanism (despite its apparent “holes”, you see?): to re-watch it, and to write about it, was so much fun.

5 reasons why “Alien: Covenant” is a really, really, really, ridiculously bad movie

So, this. I very rarely rant about stuff I watch. I mostly blog to celebrate my love for storytelling and good stories, so I want to keep sending a positive vibe. Also, I noticed that writing “nasty” attracts more readers. People want a mirror for their frustration. And that’s not what I want to do.

But sometimes even I can’t help expressing my frustration when something is really broken! This was one of those times. All my love for the Alien franchise cannot save this movie that I consider one of the worst I have seen in ages. No respect for the audience, uninspired writing, no sense of wonder: in short, all the elements that made the series great, were missing here. Read more for my full 5 cents.

5 very Czech ways to spend a weekend 

We are getting to the super hot part of the list and these are my best sellers. I wrote this article after my very first (and probably, the last) experience with cross country skiing and I was so sad, and in pain, I needed a way to vent. I decided to write this satire of Czech weekend habits, and apparently I struck a nerve!

Nigerian Scams (again): how I saved my marriage thanks to Doctor Okojie

My second attempt at answering spam emails, it was a lot of fun and so many people are still reading the story! Find out how this charlatan promised me happiness and love, but was more interested in the content of my wallet, really. I am glad some readers are finding this article (and the next) and don’t fall for the scam.

How I almost joined the Illuminati by answering an email

And this. Thousands of people every year apparently still fall for their scam: unbelievable. I am constantly cleaning the comments section from spam because people (and bots) keep writing their shameful adverts – even if the post exposes how ridiculous their scheme is! Anyway, it was great fun to tease them, whoever they are, for about 3 days. I learned a lot, about them, myself and Nicholas Cage. Read the full story, it’s great fun.

10 things I wish someone told me before I moved to Prague

And once more the winner is… my Prague story! This post was a real game-changer for me, it has accumulated more than 250 thousand views, is cited on quora and reddit, brought me a couple of interviews. My semi-serious observations after one year of living in Prague put my blog seriously on the map for some time, people were reading it on public transport, at work, talking about it. Nobody knew me personally of course, so it was like being famous by remaining anonymous. Interesting.

Also, this introduced me to the pain of being “public”, even if only for a short while. Trolls, haters, people jealous of the attention, I-know-better-than-thou types… everybody showed up. One website even made an unauthorized translation of my article, twisting its meaning (“one guy says we are xenophobes”): that got me worried a little, but luckily had no consequences at all. The whole thing was like an accelerated course on how social media work, and I summarized the experience in my follow-up meta post.


So that was the list of the most read articles in 2019!

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Every bit means a lot to me :) Happy 2020!


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  1. 17 and a half in a year! Definitely quality over quantity. I wish I took the time to edit my work more but I don’t have the fortitude yet, lol. I’ll read your Prague article, I’ve always wanted to go.

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