Opening credits

Here we go!

It took me a lot, almost one year from the moment when I said “Uhmmm I should really start a blog”, to finally ‘clic’ and do it.

I intend to write (more or less regularly, we will see)  about what passionates me: my work combining storytelling and education; and stories of all sorts: stories I collect from journeys, people and places I meet.

And books, and movies, and games, and all things that bring me inspiration, excitement, passion.

To say nothing of the cat.

Which, by the way, is this one


named Freddy, 4 years old. He followed me from Viterbo, Italy to Prague, Czech Republic. And he is sleeping right now.

What NOT

I will not write about the things that upset or annoy me. For those (and they are many!), I already have facebook or my live, real-life rants. This will stay a space for positive inspiration and good vibes.

Edit: yes, but why the title for this blog? 

To Say Nothing of the Dog: or, How We Found the Bishop’s Bird Stump at Last is a 1997 comic science fiction novel by Connie Willis. It’s about time travel (but I confess, I haven’t read it).
The book’s title is inspired by the subtitle of an 1889 classic work by Jerome K. Jerome’s “Three Men in a Boat, To Say Nothing of the Dog.”

I absolutely loved the chain of references and the topic. The only problem was that I don’t have a dog.

The brilliant suggestion was given to me by Andrea Papi on facebook. Big praise!

2 thoughts on “Opening credits

  1. Hello Carmine,
    we share the passion for hero’s journey!
    Thumbs up for starting the blog! This is something my hero wishes, but demons have more power still :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yeah, my demons were stopping me too for a long long time! Mainly the demons of lazyness and fear of judgement. They are still there but I enjoy NOT listening to them ;)



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