The Dark Cave

This is it. It’s the darkest hour. The scariest of our fears. It’s when the danger becomes real. In the narrative of “The Hero’s Journey“, there is a moment when all the testing and training is over, and things become serious, very serious. This stage was also called by Joseph Campbell “The Ordeal“, an old English […]

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The Road of Trials

Or, nobody is born a hero. This chapter is dedicated to all the efforts necessary to get out of a limited conditions, and achieve greatness. It was 1939. Social and economic tensions in Europe and Asia were soon to bring the whole world in a catastrophic conflict. Life had to seem rather grim to our predecessors […]

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Crossing the threshold

We are finally ready. Or at least, as ready as we can. It’s time to pack and step into the Big Unknown! Usually alone, or following the Messenger or our Mentor, it is time now to get out of the familiar, ordinary world and enter in an Extra-Ordinary space. Just think about it: how many […]

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Meeting the Mentor

Odysseus, the reluctant hero, is about to leave for the War of Troy. He knows the war will not be an easy one: dangerous, uncertain, long. His heart is heavy: he is leaving behind his beloved island Ithaca and his family, his wife Penelope and his newborn son Telemachus. He is especially worried about the […]

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The Refusal of the Call

What happens when we are faced with a challenge, a crisis or an invitation to change something from our everyday life? What is our most common reaction to a new situation, or to an important decision to take? The second stage of the Hero’s Journey deals with it. The last time you have been confronted with the […]

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The Call to Adventure

Hello again! I want to make a more detailed analysis of the different stages of the Hero’s Journey. This is the first of 12 articles I want to write, each dedicated to one phase of the Journey. I will use the version by Christopher Vogler – see below – and for each stage I will include examples from movies […]

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The Hero’s Journey

I decided to open the blog with an extensive article and resources on the “Hero’s Journey“, or the “Monomyth”. I guess this will be updated regularly with more links and information, so it’s not a bad idea to check it again from time to time. It’s maybe the topic that passionates me most at the […]

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