Nigerian Scams (again): how I saved my marriage thanks to Doctor Okojie

Ups! I did it again.

After that time when I applied online to become a member of the Illuminati – the post is still getting a lot of traffic, part must be bots and trackers but part is regular people honestly interested in the topic, which is scary interesting – this time I answered to the email I received by one “Doctor Okojie” (doctor of what, is not easy to say) promising to solve all my life problems.

What follows is the email conversation I had with the guy(s), over the course of 3 days.

It’s intended to give you half an hour of fun. But in case you arrived on this page wondering “is there anything true?” and have no time to read all the post, the essence is this: THESE STORIES ARE ALL FAKE. There is nothing true. Not one bit. Don’t ever send money online to unknown people who promise to solve all your life problems. Or one problem at the time.

Actually, don’t ever send money online to unknown people, period. What will happen is: these guys will take your money, and disappear. And these scams have thousands of victims every year. DON’T FALL FOR IT. 

Having clarified this, let’s start with the fun stuff!

The kick off. 

I got as spam mail a message describing the wonderful qualities of “Doctor Okojie”, miracle healer, who was promising to solve all my life problems – from impotency to financial trouble, from love ailments to hair loss. Wow, I thought, this is worth trying. So I went:

and waited. Once again, I didn’t have to wait too long for the answer:

Now that’s an original way to start doing magic. “Are you on whatsApp?”.

Anyway no, I wanted to continue the conversation via email. So I told him.

And in response, I get the super long official introduction:

You are welcome to Dr Okojie Spell Temple, temple of solution of
different kinds of spell.CURE TO ALL KIND OF SICKNESS, LOVE , MONEY,
Dr Okojie Spell Temple is a great temple which has been in
existence for the past 110  year and it has been past from generation
to generations. What I do here is 100% guaranteed and no matter what
the problem is, my spell must work for the power behind it is very
powerful and secured, no harm and very easy, And this temple is a
place of seriousness what I want here is real people who really want
their problems to be solve and not a playing ground. And in this
temple there are rules that can never be violated:

{1} Do not tell anybody about the spell until you have seen result.
{2} Do not work with me and the same time work with another spell
caster it is either you make a choice
{3} Do not come here for jokes or take spell casting for granted

  This are the rule and regulation  you must follow in other for a
good spell casting and to get good result of 100% guaranteed. But
before i start with the casting of the spell your information and that of
your lover will be needed for the casting of the spell.If you have
scanner at home,Just also scan to me both of your pictures OK..But if
not,Do not worry your self at all,As the information you will provide below
will be fine and OK.

If I get the details I will proceed with the casting of the spell for
you and your wife will do whatever you desire. You have made the right choice for contacting.

The game – once again – was on. I loved it:If you have a scanner at home… if not, don’t worry“.

So I had to invent another fake profile. I decided for a story (trouble with my wife) and a couple of personas: Claudio Garella (another legendary goalkeeper of Napoli calcio from 1985-88) and Pina Fantozzi (the fictional wife of Ugo Fantozzi, an Italian comedy iconic character).

My real marriage is allright, thanks for asking.

Yes, there is even a Star Wars reference. And I attached the pictures.

Once again I wanted to test them: would they even run a background check on me? As it turned out, they didn’t. My friends had a certain taste for drama, this time. And soon they started with their requests.

425 euro to buy alligator pepper (what?), cloth, candles and other magic ingredients. For some reason, they also decided to attach this random picture of “African magic” (I guess?).

So, of course I decided to play with them a little bit.

But the “Doctor” soon proved to be short-tempered. Very different from the first experience with online scammers, who just wanted to please me all the time. This guy started threatening me pretty soon:

Oh-ohhhhh now I was getting worried. Of course, my game went on:

Their strategy was “good cop and bad cop” (I guess I should rather say “good God and bad God”) all wrapped in one. One message was threatening me, the next was kind and condescending:

I guess that must be the most effective approach, from their side. From my side, I just decided to have fun with them – this time with a long string of geeky quotes from popular films and music.

Spot the quote in this one:

Uh-oh, I guess they did! The threats went immediately up one notch.

So, it was my turn to apologize and show a much meeker face. Also, I decided to make my pop quotes a little less obvious. Can you spot it? If not, here is a little help.

Uhm… I guess it was still too much.

But still, my friends didn’t want to waste a potential customer. What I still find surprising, is that they provide real addresses. Most evidently they are not afraid of the consequences.

So once again I found myself apologizing. What better way than a song?

The Doctor was not a fool. I had the feeling he was seeing through my jokes all the time. But then, why continue?

I decided to tease him (them) a little bit more. With another hidden musical reference.

Doctor Okojie was not a fan of Adele, I found out. He didn’t get my last reference – or was too motivated to successfully complete the deal. He pushed me to the next stage of our negotiation.

I was having too much fun. Inspired by the “Dark Gods” topic of our game, I decided to add a nod to that direction.

Which fell completely unnoticed. Sadly.

So, the morning after, with a fresh mind I thought it was time to bring the charade to an end. I introduced my “smart friend” (once again, with a musical clue):

The Beatles were probably a step too far. My “Doctor” was angry again:

So I decided to withdraw to the safety of my 1980s magic (hint, hint):

But Okojie proved to be a cold hearted, pragmatic business man. A “very busy spiritualist”.

And once again, the “bad cop, good cop” game was on. When he sent me a message that was a little too blunt or strict, another came within minutes to try to reassure me with kinder words.

I wonder if there were more than one person, dealing with this particular transaction. The changes of tone and strategy appeared too radical. If it was one person, the guy (or gal) was clever.

And I replied. After all, it was all about Money, Money, Money, right?

I asked for a discount… and it worked!

Suddenly my merciless Doctor was a cheap bargainer. So I pulled again the rope.

And I won. They just wanted to grab the cash, and disappear. 

At this point the play was almost over. I decided to push the bar a little bit forward (with some more “Money” reference) for what I thought was the last time:

And yes, this was probably the last drop. The Doctor was casting his terrible curse on me!

“You will suffer and suffer. Your family will know no peace”. 

Hey – if someone is reading, and I know someone is reading – don’t you think this is too much?

I love drama, but what if someone is really gullible and believes this kind of stuff? Do you really want to scare people? The kind of individuals who believe online scams are probably already very vulnerable. Is it really necessary to bring this kind of scary nightmares in their life?

Anyway, my measure was full, and so I decided to drop the mask. With another Queen reference, to cap it all.

The “Doctor” didn’t reply this time. The game was over. 


And this was it. Hey guys, if you are reading because something similar happened to you (or someone you know): don’t send money online to these scammers. It’s all fake.

Behind these emails are people without scruples who won’t hesitate to blackmail or threaten you, in order to receive some money. Don’t ever give them your real personal details and contacts,  and if you know of somebody who was scammed, report the case immediately to your local authorities.

Grazie, Claudione.

Keep the guard high and don’t believe everything you read online! 

And to the rest of you, my dear readers, I hope you had fun! Did you manage to guess all the musical references – without clicking on the videos? 

Do you have a similar spam email that you want to discuss with me, so that I can write a post about it? Get in touch and let’s have some fun :)

And finally, if you are a returning reader or if you just want to support my work, you can do so at my Patreon Page. You can get involved in the conversation and get exclusive benefits :)

55 thoughts on “Nigerian Scams (again): how I saved my marriage thanks to Doctor Okojie

  1. Yes I had a very similar case from a Spellcaster called Dr iyaryi. I sent hi false information and he promised that he would grant me the numbers for the euro millions and bring my ex back in my arms, and because I won’t pay him he said the gods are angry with me and the gods and himself were spiritually in my home lmfao. He was saying If I don’t go to money gram I will be cursed and there’s no going back. I threatened him with the authorities and said they are coming to take you away and your facing the death penalty and he replied with “my child, please don’t do this to me”. Other than that I’m still alive 😎

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Please help me wgat i can say to a scammer who is blackfishing me and scared me i would gave consequences if i will not pay i allready pay 1100€??? That me or my bf will get hurt…i am so scared please help
      This was the number: +234 814 409 4865

      Cant write here so much becsuse the public and i am scared…he still have my information.
      Please help what to do i allready report this number


    2. I’ve just bn scammed from my money believing these idiots I’m crying now but learnt the hard way paid him believing I would die and scared I’d leave my kids .at least this story is putting my mind at ease as it sounds almost identy


  2. Hello i need your help . I have been scammed as well since i was very scared at all the threatening , i sent him money and i gave him my personal details . He threatened me that if i dont send the money by tomorrow , i will be the one to be blame . He told me to send money to his friend in america and i did it and fortunately the money is not goin through and will call back the money tomorrow . I sent Usd 450 which he didnt get . He’s threatening me and he is saying that he will curse me and take my life .. im scared . He got my address and everything . What should i do .


    1. There are federal and national authorities. Save all the emails and report them. Contact also the email provider (what email address do they use?) and inform them.
      Chances are they will never find them, but their accounts will be closed.
      What personal details did you give?
      Change all your passwords and choose very secure ones, using a mix of capital letters, small letters and numbers and not something obvious like date of birth or your address.
      Go to the nearest police station and file a report, if it will make you feel safer.


      1. Hey I need help! I think I have been scammed. Im so stupid. Help me. How to report to the authority?


      2. Im from Philippines, i was also scammed, but i don’t know what to do, is there anyway to bring back my money that i sent to those scammed spell casters? I need help


      3. I am sorry, Cath. I really can’t help. This is a blog, I write stories. I hope fewer and fewer people will fall prey of these scammers. There are authorities who deal with these cases but honestly I don’t think they can do much :/


      4. Please report this: +234 814 409 4865 on whatsapp and facebook! Please, please!!!! Please!!!! Help me !!!


  3. All these spellcaster are fake I’ve got a list of them which I would put up here to stop other people getting ripped off first chiefgiftwalusimbi this a real fake he will take all your money and tell you it your fault it failed and carry on asking for more money too


  4. +27 73 126 7693 this one threaten my life and told me he would put a curse on me to ruin my life please avoid him


      1. the names change all the time, they are just fake identities to attract potential victims. I am sorry you have been scammed. It’s very likely that the money is lost. You can report the case to your local authorities, depending in which country you live there are local, regional or federal agencies dedicated to cyber crimes. They may not be very effective for a single specific case, as it’s a drop in the ocean.


  5. +27 78 910 8426 and this woman is a scammer too she tell you she had a dream about u and get your number in her dream please do not use this woman


      1. Hi Carmine, Can I message you please? I see no email address on this page. You have described how these scammers work but they have changed their approach now – some of them have anyway so I’d like to tell you of my experience and perhaps you can add it to your article. I was scammed but a huge part of me knew it so I didn’t part with a huge amount of cash. Please email me so I can tell you my story.


      2. You can email me, but I don’t want to post it publicly – I’ve registered it on here though, can you see it?


      3. Please help me i was falling too to a scamner he is still blackfishing and manace me that something bad happend to me or my bf if i will not pay for new cleaning rituals i allready send 1100€ via mondeygram…i cant write here on public because i am to scared …please help me what to do!!!


  6. This is another scammer +27 61 133 2404 this is the same person that threatening me and my family just with a difference number and name please do not use him


  7. I just had a very similar experience with a Dr. Iyamu WhatsApp number ‪+234 814 197 5095‬. He is a fake and a good for nothing cheating manipulative piece of crap. I fell for his thoughtfully, kind words with child, daughter, put a smile on your face and stuff like that and since I was in a bad situation I did send him money. He obviously is a lying piece of crap that stole my money and shit didn’t happen. These so called spell casters prey on people’s fee and situations to make money period! If I can do anything to shut him down I absolutely would do that!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I also had a very similar experience with a Dr. Vomoo +234 07069102752. Real name on bank account is Ugo Bruno Opara. But he is a fake and a good for nothing cheat. I fell for his thoughtfully, kind words as he consoled me and since I was in a bad situation I did send him money. I regret it.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Dr Unity is currently threatening me! I have just blocked his number instead of having meaningless arguments! DONT Trust this man! REAL Scam. Sent his money then he asked for more the next day!


  10. So a spell caster by the name of Dr. Zanga/Prophet Cordilia threatened me and my family life after I refused to pay him more money. I told him I couldn’t afford his services and he claimed the “Gods” was furious with me, he said bad things would happen to me.. etc. His name he used on transfer wise is a Jeffrey Osamudiame from Nigeria and was using Zeneith bank or something like that.


  11. I have someone thats still trying to get money out of me knowing they are scammers and keeps threaten me when i dont give money one minute they are nice next thing they a cold hearted one of the names are fidelia amiekhamhe and others with the same last name


  12. Yesss listen people don’t trust Nigerian or any African West Africans they all claim to have power in reality they change names and claim to be DOCTORS !! they’ve been known to scheme for years I’m victim of not one but 2 schemers don’t use them for anything don’t send money through money gram it’s to hard to get your money returned , also they flag every transaction pleaseee listen and DON’T TRUST THEM
    AVOID THE FOLLOWING WHATSAPP ACCOUNTS (1) 678-944-7759 (27) 73-129- 5401. DONT SEND anything to >>
    Account Name: Ssenyonjo Douglas


    1. That’s how they got me on what’s app they had me buying American Express gift card and told me to put $500 on there and take pictures of the receipt and the card I was doing that every week for my ex to come back but the whole time he’s been back and I was still sending money because I was scared he said that the gods said I had a certain amount of time to send $1500 that something bad would happen to me and my family if I didn’t send weekly payments and that he needed to do a cleansing


      1. I’m in the same spot. There are asking for 1500 for a permanent cut with the ancestors Every time I finished up my payments in full they turn around and ask for more money. If you are successful in this field of work , why constantly ask for money


  13. I was just recently scammed also I was told they would help me get my ex back and if I didn’t send the money by buying American Express gift card to put money on em and to take pictures of receipts and they got from Facebook to add them on what’s app im so mad at myself for falling for it thinking it was a good thing and that it was true what should I do


  14. Hello.

    I just was reading about fake spell casters.
    I was fooled by 3 of them, yes 3 on almost £25000.

    I was in very vulnerable position and those fake people just used that:
    Dr Agbazara
    Dr Akhere
    Dr Otonokpo

    They also was threatening me.
    Asking constantly for more money.

    Today i am on debt because of them.
    Can i repot that somewhere?


    1. Hi Anna, I am very sorry to hear about your situation. You can report them: depending on your country, there are national and international organizations, and police authorities. I also always report their email address to the provider (Gmail, Hotmail, whatever they use).
      However, all this may be of little use. Their accounts may be suspended but they create another one within seconds, and international action may be very very difficult against this type of crimes.


      1. Please helo me i was scammed too i am from Germab i believe i spells and magick but i was scammed by this +234 814 409 4865
        He is blackmail me and menace me with bad concequences also with death of me and my bf, if i cancel the spell and dont pay again. I have paid over 1000€
        I cant sleep at night please help me i cant write here everything because it is public i am so scared.

        Please help!!!!


  15. I am so amazing on how I got my ex back in less than 48hours with the help of Dr ogugu .they say the angel you known is better than the one you don’t known going back to my ex was the right thing to do if any one is here that also need his ex back contact Dr ogugu with his help 100%


  16. I’ve been scammed too. His name is Dr Idowu his info is +234 805 278 9941. He needs to be stopped. He has threatened me and is demanding I send $1,000 by Friday. I have sent him $17,791.80 over the course of a year and a half. I was so desperate to be cured of HSV and my life is ruined and he has made my life a living hell. He made me take an obscene photo to see my out break and he has all my personal info including my bank info! I deleted it from the chat when I had sent it. He knows where I live, he knows my family member’s names… I’m afraid he’ll put a curse on us, more importantly my family. I’m so scared. Please help!!! I’m so scared and I was so stupid to believe that I could get rid of this. I’m tired of being woken up at 4:30 am from him calling me and demanding I pay more and more money. I’m tired of waking up feeling like damaged goods. I want my old life back. I also have all his bank info as well. He showed me videos and pictures of him praying and with something called an Oracle and if I disobey it then something bad will happen that I will regret. I was so desperate and I’m so scared now. What if his voodoo magic stuff truly does work? He even said he would come after me if I don’t send the money. Please help me!


    1. Hello

      Please help me i was scamed by someone called dr…..(want not write here not that he see) i was contactig him and pay for love spells 1100€ and he want more he is blackmail me if i dont pay for some rituals i must face the qonsiqences. Me or my boyfriend will be hurt he still have my informations he said. I am so scared please help what to do…i cant sleep at night cuz i feel so bad…



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